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Thursday, October 30, 2014
Cross-Agency Priority Goal

Shared Services


Shared Services


Strategically expand high-quality, high value shared services to improve performance and efficiency throughout government.

info Themes:
General Government Management
Goal Leader(s):

Dave Mader, Controller, Office of Federal Financial Management, Office of Management and Budget
Krysta Harden, Deputy Secretary, US Department of Agriculture 


In order to improve the way government delivers services externally, we need to aggressively reform the way government delivers service internally. If we are focused, committed, systematic, and intentional, we can make the sort of transformative changes in our service delivery approach that have altered the course of the commercial retail marketplace and reinvigorated American manufacturing. 

We need to commit to driving efficiencies by creating opportunities to leverage existing resources and pool the government’s buying power.  This involves building common standards for underlying support activities and systems and driving out redundancy in administrative service provision.  It means changing agency expectations and incentives for spending.  And it means rethinking the way that the government considers and funds long-term investments in the systems and infrastructure that support customer service delivery. 

The Federal Government will leverage the Executive Councils to develop common standards and benchmarks to measure shared service utilization, performance, and cost. Mandate those standards and benchmarks for common administrative services. From these standards and benchmarks we will drive efficiencies and greater performance by: 1) increasing the capacity of the Federal Shared Service Providers (SSPs) at DOI, USDA, Treasury, HHS, DOT and DOD; and 2) requiring use of lower-cost, higher-performing Shared Services for all agencies and SSPs which cannot meet established targets. We will target the following areas for Shared Services (listed in order of priority): financial, HR, technology, and acquisition.

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