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CAP Goal IconModernizing the Infrastructure Permitting Process

Goal Leaders

Mary Neumayr,
Chairman, Council on Environmental Quality

Alex Herrgott,
Executive Director, Federal Permitting Improvement Steering Council

Dustin Brown,
Deputy Assistant Director for Management, Office of Management & Budget

Goal Statement

PMG_red_target_iconImproving the Federal environmental review and authorization process will enable infrastructure project sponsors to start construction sooner, create jobs earlier, and fix our Nation’s infrastructure faster while also ensuring that a project’s potential impacts on environmental and community resources are considered and managed throughout the planning process.

Infrastructure investment strengthens our economic platform, makes America more competitive, creates millions of jobs, increases wages for American workers, and reduces the costs of goods and services for American families and consumers.

The Challenge

PMG_red_target_iconThe American people rely on infrastructure improvements to benefit our economy, society, and environment. However, inefficient decision processes, including environmental reviews and permit decisions or authorizations have delayed infrastructure investments and increased project costs.

What Success Looks Like

PMG_red_target_iconThis goal will:   reduce time and cost to complete environmental reviews and authorizations for new major infrastructure projects; increase predictability and transparency for project investors and stakeholders; and result in agencies implementing clear timetables, consistent processes to make decisions, and best practices.

A public dashboard tracks individual projects at

Goal Action Plans & Progress Updates