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CAP Goal IconDeveloping a Workforce for the 21st Century

Goal Leaders

Lisa Hershman,
Deputy Chief Management Officer, Department of Defense

Peter Warren,
Associate Director for Performance and Personnel Management, Office of Management and Budget

Michael Rigas,
Deputy Director, Office of Personnel Management

Goal Statement

PMG_red_target_iconEffective and efficient mission achievement and improved service to America through enhanced alignment and strategic management of the Federal workforce.

The Challenge

PMG_red_target_iconThe challenges include:   parts of today’s personnel system are a relic of an earlier era that ill-serves Federal managers and employees; the Federal personnel system is unduly complex leading to a focus on compliance and transaction management rather than results and customer service; instead of agencies determining the best way to accomplish the mission, they map jobs in a fixed manner with outdated processes and functions; not aligning the workforce to mission requirements means the workforce is not being leveraged to meet emerging needs; HR IT systems are antiquated and not interoperable.

The Opportunity

PMG_red_target_iconTo achieve a state where Federal agencies and managers can hire the best employees, remove the worst employees, and engage employees at all levels of the organization, the Government must put a framework in place that drives and encourages strategic human capital management.

Goal Action Plans & Progress Updates

Key Performance Indicators

The President’s Management Agenda identifies cross-agency priority (CAP) goals to target those areas where multiple agencies must collaborate to effect change and report progress in a manner the public can easily track.

In this the section, find the key indicator from the CAP Goal Action Plan used to measure how this goal is performing.

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Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey

Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey
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