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CAP Goal IconSharing Quality Services

Goal Leaders

Emily Murphy,
Administrator, General Services Administration

Lesley Field,
Deputy Administrator for Federal Procurement Policy and Shared Services Policy Officer, Office of Management and Budget

Suzette Kent,
Federal Chief Information Officer, Office of Management and Budget

Goal Statement

PMG_red_target_iconThis goal will:   deliver technology and process improvements that will improve citizen services, such as faster hiring so more border security officers can be hired and in place faster and expedited payments to small businesses so the economy can continue to grow and thrive; and simpler grants application processes so more grant resources are directed to results rather than duplicative compliance actions; reduce taxpayer costs by closing the gap between the Federal Government’s performance in administrative services and industry best in class; and shift time, effort, and funding currently spent on administrative services to core missions in support of American citizens.

The Challenge

PMG_red_target_iconFamilies economize by buying in volume or taking advantage of the sharing economy such as car or vacation rental sharing. Businesses, non-profits, and state governments have reduced costs and workload by streamlining administrative activities such as human resource transactions, financial management, grants management, contracts, and information technology support to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The Federal Government needs to do the same. For example, the Federal Government outspends the private sector when creating tax-filing paperwork (W-2s). Industry has used technology and innovation to reduce the cost to around $80 while Government still spends an average of $120. We need to close this gap.

What Success Looks Like

PMG_red_target_iconAgencies will:   use benchmarks from high-performing private sector models to assess overall performance; increase use of targeted solutions; and measure satisfaction with those solutions to make sure they meet needs.

Goal Action Plans & Progress Updates

Key Performance Indicators

The President’s Management Agenda identifies cross-agency priority (CAP) goals to target those areas where multiple agencies must collaborate to effect change and report progress in a manner the public can easily track.

In this the section, find the key indicators from the CAP Goal Action Plan used to measure how this goal is performing.

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Customer Satisfaction Scores

Customer Satisfaction Scores
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