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CAP Goal IconGetting Payments Right

Goal Leaders

Carole Banks,
Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Department of the Treasury

Jenni Main,
Director of the Office of Financial Management and Chief Financial Officer, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Fred Nutt,
Senior Advisor, Office of Management and Budget

Tim Soltis,
Deputy Controller, Office of Management and Budget

Goal Statement

PMG_red_target_iconThis goal will:   reduce the amount of cash lost to the taxpayer through incorrect payments; clarify and streamline reporting and compliance requirements to focus on actions that make a difference; and partner with states to address improper payments in programs that they administer using Federal funds.

The Challenge

PMG_red_target_iconWhile all improper payments can compromise citizens’ trust in Government, only a portion stem from fraud or lead to actual loss of taxpayer dollars. In addition to the incorrect payments themselves, improper payments also impose costs associated with fixing mistakes and recovering funds. Historically, the Federal Government has focused on improper payments broadly, including process errors that do not affect money paid, rather than strategically targeting monetary loss to taxpayers.

What Success Looks Like

PMG_red_target_iconThe Federal Government will:  reduce the annual amount of cash lost to the taxpayer; reduce burden on agencies to help focus their efforts strategically; and increase collaboration with states to further reduce cash lost.

Key Performance Indicators

The President’s Management Agenda identifies cross-agency priority (CAP) goals to target those areas where multiple agencies must collaborate to effect change and report progress in a manner the public can easily track.

In this the section, find the key indicator from the CAP Goal Action Plan used to measure how this goal is performing.

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Cash Loss to the Government

Cash Loss to the Government
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