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GEAR Center Challenge is Live!

This prize competition seeks proposals to solve challenges facing government as outlined in the President’s Management Agenda. Prizes of $300,000 each will be awarded to the grand prize winners which are scheduled to be announced in September 2019.

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Summary of RFI Responses  ❯


The possibilities for how citizens interact with Government


How Government delivers citizen services and data


Core processes of federal agencies from IT to finances to procurement


Creative ways to develop, reskill, and redeploy the public-sector workforce

We are looking for ideas from the public, academics, experts, and industry on how to establish the Government Effectiveness Advanced Research (GEAR) Center, a public-private partnership to improve mission delivery, citizen services, and stewardship of public resources.


The Challenge

The Federal Government has been slower than the private sector to adapt operations to new realities, with reported decreases in trust and lower customer satisfaction. These failures mean we are not meeting the public’s expectations and that our use of resources is less than optimal. Moreover, reliance on outdated technology has led to a workforce insufficiently equipped to transition to more modern ways of doing business.


The Opportunity

The GEAR Center would bring together experts in disciplines from economics, to computer science, to design thinking, in order to take a creative, data-driven, and interdisciplinary approach to new possibilities in how citizens and government interact. The GEAR Center can help government catch up with where private-sector services and capabilities are today and lay the groundwork for where our operations and services need to be in five, 10, or 20 years.