National Laboratories

Goal leaders

Dr. Asmeret Asefaw Berhe


Office of Science (DOE)

Dr. Steve Binkley

Principal Deputy Director

Office of Science (DOE)

To achieve

Deliver the highest quality R&D and production capabilities; strengthen partnerships with industry, academia, and other key regional and national stakeholders; and revitalize and modernize the physical infrastructure of the national laboratories to enable efficient national leadership in science, technology, economic competitiveness, and national security

Meet Administration priorities in two areas: advanced computing and climate change.

In the strategic area of advanced computing, deliver exascale application performance across mission-critical science and engineering applications and on multiple platforms by the end of FY 2023 and establish a viable path forward for continued U.S. leadership in advanced computing.

In the strategic area of climate change, by September 2023, use cross-laboratory models in the strategic areas of: (1) climate observations to support gaps in high-resolution climate models; and (2) predictive climate modeling to underpin solutions at the local scale to address climate change and environmental equity challenges.

Progress Updates