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2-Year Priority Goal

Environmental Management & Nuclear Waste Disposal

Goal leaders

William (Ike) White

Senior Advisor for the Office of Environmental Management

Office of Environmental Management (DOE)

To achieve

To execute key projects of the EM cleanup mission, including treatment of radioactive tank waste and disposal of transuranic waste and mill tailings.

By September 30, 2022, EM will treat 500,0000 gallons of waste through Tank-Side Cesium Removal System

By September 30, 2023, EM will treat a total of 9 million gallons of waste through the Salt Waste Processing Facility

By September 30, 2023, EM will increase Salt Stone disposal capacity by 34 million gallons with completion of Saltstone Disposal Unit 8

By September 30, 2023, EM will complete demolition of the X-326 Gaseous Diffusion Plant building at Portsmouth

For FY 2022 and 2023, EM-Los Alamos will send 30 shipments of transuranic waste to WIPP by September 30 for each fiscal year (60 shipments total)

By September 30, 2022, EM-Moab will dispose 750,000 tons of uranium mill tailings; and by September 30, 2023, will dispose an additional 1 million tons of uranium mill tailings