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2-Year Priority Goal

Reduce Gun-Related Violence

Goal leaders

Anne Gannon

Senior Counsel

Office of the Deputy Attorney General

To achieve

Violent crime involving guns impacts individual safety and negatively effects communities. To enhance public safety and keep our communities safe, the Department will focus enforcement efforts on reducing the incidence of guns used to commit violent crime as well as solving more gun-related violent crimes. By September 30, 2023, the Department will enhance its efforts to reduce gun violence by: (1) increasing the percentage of urgent firearm trace requests completed within 48 hours to 95% from a 2021 baseline of 83%; (2) increasing the percentage of firearms cases that target traffickers or other large-scale enterprises to 39% from a 2021 baseline of 29%; and (3) increasing the number of inspections of federal firearms licenses to 7,410 from a 2021 baseline of 6,721.