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2-Year Priority Goal

Combat Hate Crimes and Promote Trust and Accountability in Law Enforcement

Goal leaders

W. Anders Folk

Senior Counsel

Office of the Deputy Attorney General

To achieve

To promote public trust between communities and law enforcement, the Department will support efforts to make communities and policing safer while protecting individual civil rights and strengthening connections between law enforcement and the communities we serve. By September 30, 2023, the Justice Department will improve community trust in and accountability of law enforcement by: (1) increasing the percentage of federal law enforcement officers who receive Use of Force Sustained Training within a 3-year period to 95%; (2) increasing the percentage of federal law enforcement officers equipped with Body Worn Cameras (BWCs), and associated training to 38% from a 2021 baseline of 1%; and (3) providing technical assistance or other support to correct unlawful policies and implement required reforms to at least 90% of jurisdictions under settled and litigated judgments in law enforcement pattern or practice cases. In addition, the Department will combat hate crimes ensuring that 100% of U.S. Attorney’s Offices meet at least annually with local law enforcement partners and community stakeholders to collaborate on efforts to prevent hate crimes and incidents.