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Emergency Preparedness

Goal leaders

Colin McIff

Deputy Director

Office of Global Affairs (HHS)

January Contreras

Assistant Secretary

Administration for Children & Families (HHS)

Nikki Bratcher-Bowman

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary and Chief Operating Officer

Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (HHS)

Dr. Patrick Breysse


National Center for Environmental Health and Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (HHS)

To achieve

While promoting equitable access, strengthen the systems for domestic and global health, human services, and public health to protect the nation’s well-being before, during, and after disasters and public health emergencies. By September 30, 2023, HHS will complete 4 projects, establish a new ASPR office, and increase by at least 10% key deliverables to increase resources that develop and improve the national capacity of public health, human services, and global health disaster management entities to respond equitably to emerging threats and emergency incidents above FY 2020.