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Climate Change (Joint with DOS)

Goal leaders

Trigg Talley



Gillian Caldwell

Chief Climate Officer and Deputy Assistant Administrator

Bureau for Development, Democracy, and Innovation (USAID)

Kathryn Stratos

Deputy Director for Climate and Cross-Sectoral Strategy


Christine Dragisic

Acting Branch Chief

Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs (DOS)

To achieve

Combat global climate change by advancing climate-resilient, net zero emissions development around the world.

Adaptation: By September 30, 2023, the United States establishes or strengthens collaboration with 75 countries resulting in the development and implementation of National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) to increase adaptive capacity, enhance resilience, and reduce vulnerability to climate change by 2030.

Mitigation: By September 30, 2023, the United States establishes or strengthens collaborations with 27 countries that will result in support for enhanced implementation of at least 24 Nationally Determined Contributions and/or netzero emission strategies.

Reporting: By September 30, 2023, the United States has provided technical, financial, and diplomatic support to 30 countries that enhances their institutional frameworks and capacity in order to deliver the first National Inventory Reports and Biennial Transparency Reports by December 31, 2024.