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2-Year Priority Goal

Increasing Treasury Sustainability

Goal leaders

Michael Thomas

Deputy Assistant Secretary

Office of Management (USDT)

To achieve

Model best practices in sustainable operations, supporting the Department’s key role in the whole-of-government effort to manage climate-related risks and enable the transition to a net-zero economy. By September 30, 2023, the Department of the Treasury will:

  • Transition Treasury’s Fleet to Electric Vehicles (EV): Convert 33% 1 of the vehicles to EVs for those vehicles with lease terms needing renewal; and
  • Implement a Climate Literacy Program: Deliver educational products to 100% of Treasury’s target audience of executives and key staff who are needed to support and sustain Treasury’s climate change and sustainability priority initiatives (e.g., facility and fleet operations, budget and finance, legal counsel, and procurement).
  1. In May 2022, the target “Convert 37% of the vehicles to EVs” was revised to “Convert 33% of the vehicles to EVs.”