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2020 Federal Customer Experience Journey Mapping Projects

Re-orienting how we think about public service delivery

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Project Overview

Imagine if the U.S. government understood how each of its services were part of a broader customer journey. How might federal agencies change their approach or better work together? How might citizens think differently about those services and their overall experience with government?

Our hypothesis is that a human-centered perspective can yield better results. Our team conducted three inter-agency research efforts to understand how customers during navigate across multiple Federal agencies and even levels of government at specific moments in their lives. This can help to identify specific opportunities that are most meaningful to actual people to improve.

During the Summer and Fall of 2020, we are interviewing customers and developing two journey maps: one of an individual that survives a natural disaster, the other of an individual with a developmental disability.

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Who’s doing the work?

A cross-government team, brought together as part of the Improving Customer Experience with Federal Services CAP goal (co-owned by the Office of Management and Budget and the Department of Veterans Affairs) will be conducting this effort. We have collaborating partners from multiple Federal agencies:

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Social Security Administration
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Department of Labor
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Department of Health & Human Services
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Department of Education
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Veterans Affairs
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Department of Homeland Security
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Department of Housing and Urban Development
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Small Business Administration
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Office of Personnel Management
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Department of Agriculture
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General Services Administration
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United States Office of Management and Budget

How will we do the work?

We aim to share what we learn as we learn it. We’ll use this page to post project updates, findings, and the resources we used. To learn more about the methods and process that is being implemented, see here: