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Quarterly Data Collections for the CX CAP Goal



HISP Agencies are to report CX data each quarter. Q1:Oct 1. Q2: Jan 1. Q3: April 1. Q4: July 1.

Data is due within 30 days after the end of each fiscal quarter.

Workflow for Data Submission, Summarization, and Publishing

Each HISP agency is responsible for reporting CX data on a quarterly basis, and this section outlines both the lifecycle of feedback data and the order of operations of how we process the data.

Feedback Analytics

When the data is posted on, each HISP receives quarterly indicators for their data submitted. This is how those indicators are determined:

Red = no data submitted
Yellow = data submitted, but not fully in-line with A-11 Section 280 Guidance
Green = data submitted, in-line with A-11 Section 280 Guidance

Service Blueprint