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CX CAP Goal Resources for Agencies

In an effort to raise the standard of service government-wide, Agencies were provided with guidance on first steps to take to assess the customer experience maturity of their organization, as well as create consistent measures of customer experience across the government. Initial resources to support these efforts are below, with more coming soon!

Customer Experience Maturity Self-Assessment and Action Plan

Each fiscal year, agencies and programs that provide services to customers should complete a self-assessment across this initial customer experience maturity model and use the result of this to develop an action plan identifying focus areas for increasing capacity and conducting specific CX activities.


Action Plan Template

Customer Experience Metrics

Agencies should identify their highest-impact customer journeys (using customer volume, annual program cost, and/or knowledge of customer priority as weighting factors) and select touchpoints/transactions within those journeys to collect feedback in order to continuously improve their services. Initially, Federal customer experience will be focused on real-time transaction-level measures, but agencies are encouraged to also solicit annual customer feedback reflecting on customers’ overall series of interactions, completion of journeys, and relationship with the agency. At a minimum, Federal Government customer experience should be measured in seven domains:

These domains have been developed in alignment with leading practices from both the private and public sectors, including Fortune 500 companies, market research institutions, and international organizations.

Government-wide CX Metrics Survey

High-Impact Service Providers

High-Impact Service Providers are those Federal entities designated by OMB that provide the most high-impact customer-facing services, either due to a large customer base or a high impact on those served by the program. A HISP is one that interacts with the public to provide a transactional service or perform a regulatory function in which time, money, or information is used to receive a good, service, or authorization. HISPs will be reviewed and updated periodically by OMB. HISPs are requird to submit data on the customer experience metrics listed above quarterly.

List of HISPs

HISP Reporting Overview

HISP Quarterly Reporting Template