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Program Fellows

We are celebrating our 2021-2022 Fellows’ many accomplishments. Read on to learn more.

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Anna Ramachandran portrait

Anna Ramachandran

Department of the Treasury, 2020 fellow

Anna Ramachandran is a dedicated public servant with extensive experience in leading multi-million Information Technology projects and programs for over 20 years.

Anthony Garza portrait

Anthony Garza

Department of Health and Human Services, 2020 fellow

CAPT Garza serves as the Senior Program Manager in the Office of Counterterrorism and Emerging Threats (OCET) at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Bronson Armstrong portrait

Bronson Armstrong

Department of Defense, 2020 fellow

Bronson Armstrong is an accomplished national security and business expert. He is an enterprise-focused, results-oriented federal executive with experience leading teams at all levels with a strategic focus.

CAPT Cheryl A. Ford portrait

CAPT Cheryl A. Ford, DR.P.H.

Department of Health and Human Services, 2020 fellow

CAPT Cheryl A. Ford is a Health Services Officer in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.

Chad Clifford portrait

Chad Clifford

Department of Homeland Security, 2020 fellow

Chad Clifford is an attorney and leader in the Department of Homeland Security - Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Office of Chief Counsel with over 13 years of career federal experience.

Denis Ortega portrait

Denis A. Ortega, ED.D.

Department of Transportation, 2020 fellow

Denis Ortega is an organizational effectiveness and human resources expert specializing in enhancing the effectiveness of teams, leadership development, and coaching.

Houman Rasouli portrait

Houman Rasouli

Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 2020 fellow

Houman Rasouli is a results-driven executive with more than 25 years of leading private and public organizations to build agile, high functioning, and trusting environments, where everyone can thrive and achieve their full potential.

Lance Kvetko portrait

Lance Kvetko

Department of Justice, 2020 fellow

Lance Kvetko is the Chief of Laboratory Management and Operations for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Maria Cheeks portrait

Maria Cheeks

Department of the Treasury, 2020 fellow

Maria Cheeks is an innovative and results-oriented public servant with over 28 years in tax administration and policy implementation at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Paul Spanos portrait

Paul Spanos

Department of Labor, 2020 fellow

Paul Spanos is a senior trial attorney with the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of the Solicitor, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Sarah Smith portrait

Sarah B. Smith

Department of Health and Human Services, 2020 fellow

Sarah Smith joined the White House Leadership Development Program from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Sharice Smith-Lewis portrait

Sharice Smith-Lewis

Department of Veterans Affairs, 2020 fellow

Sharice Smith-Lewis joins us from the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Tracy Hancock portrait

Tracy Hancock

Department of Agriculture, 2020 fellow

Tracy is the Director of Knowledge Management and Communications (KMC) in USDA Forest Service with Research & Development.