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Program Fellows

We are celebrating our 2021-2022 Fellows’ many accomplishments. Read on to learn more.

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Albert (Al) Herrera portrait

Albert (Al) Herrera

Department of Labor, 2022 fellow

Federal leader in complex program, budget, and policy innovation and implementation.

Barbara Sanford portrait

Barbara Sanford

Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 2022 fellow

A valued civil servant with a proven leadership record in government employing innovative workforce development tactics to adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bich-Thuy Sim portrait

Bich-Thuy Sim

Department of Defense, 2022 fellow

Physician and thought leader in healthcare policy and innovation.

Carlton Drew portrait

Carlton Drew

Department of Health and Human Services, 2022 fellow

Government leader focused on outcome measures and change management.

Damiana Astudillo portrait

Damiana Astudillo

Millennium Challenge Corporation, 2022 fellow

International Development Leader in Agriculture, Rural Development, Public Policy, and Social and Gender Inclusion.

Dr. Michelle Hawkins portrait

Dr. Michelle Hawkins

Department of Commerce, 2022 fellow

Motivated leader and accomplished scientist with expertise in weather and climate policy.

Eraina R. McCoy portrait

Eraina R. McCoy

Department of Housing and Urban Development, 2022 fellow

Servant leader delivering impactful results through developing highly effective teams.

Eric S. Coleman portrait

Eric S. Coleman

Department of Agriculture, 2022 fellow

Veterinarian, agriculture, and public health professional who collaborates globally to bolster national security, advance foreign policy objectives, and strengthen emergency response preparedness.

Frances Chang portrait

Frances Chang

Department of Justice, 2022 fellow

International law expert and cross-agency, cross-cultural collaborator aiding the Department of Justice in foreign engagement.

Jay Snipes portrait

Jay Snipes

Department of the Treasury, Centralized Receivables Service, 2022 fellow

Senior leader recognized for sustained excellence in operational and portfolio project management with a strong commitment to service in organizations and the community.

Kylie Gaskins portrait

Kylie Gaskins

Department of Commerce, 2022 fellow

Chemical engineer, innovative process improver, and employee engagement enthusiast.

La Tonya Mimms portrait

La Tonya Mimms

Department of Transportation, 2022 fellow

A seasoned policy writer, with experience in developing and implementing national mission critical programs.

Laura A. Sepulveda Ramirez portrait

Laura A. Sepulveda Ramirez

Department of Transportation, 2022 fellow

Human Resources leader, workforce strategist, and diversity, equity, and inclusion champion.

Lea-Ann Bigelow portrait

Lea-Ann Bigelow

Office Federal Financial Management, Transparency and Grants, 2022 fellow

Solutions-driven leader with a passion for continuous improvement in operations and service delivery.

Lucinda A. Wade portrait

Lucinda A. Wade

Department of State, 2022 fellow

IT executive whose expertise and collaborative skills advance the U.S. State Department’s organizational mission.

Nichelle Johnson Billips portrait

Nichelle Johnson Billips

United States Agency for International Development, 2022 fellow

Experienced, innovative leader and international legal expert.

Osasu Dorsey portrait

Osasu Dorsey

Department of Defense, 2022 fellow

Trusted senior policy adviser, attorney, and collaborative leader.

Pam Sessoms portrait

Pam Sessoms

Department of Health and Human Services, 2022 fellow

Strategic thinker, resilient, conflict manager, coalition builder, executive coach, and mentor.

Patricia Pless portrait

Patricia Pless

Department of Homeland Security, 2022 fellow

A public sector servant supporting U.S. Customs and Border Protection in strategic planning and driving efficient outcomes for the mission directive.

Tim Hoyt portrait

Tim Hoyt

Department of Defense, 2022 fellow

Military Clinical Psychologist and data-driven decision maker striving to reduce mental health stigma and support service member transitions.