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Office of Personnel Management

2018-2019 Agency Priority Goals

Enable Federal Employees to Seamlessly Transfer From One Agency to Another, With Paperless Processing

Goal Leader: Jeffrey Pollack, Program Manager

Goal Statement: By September 30, 2019, OPM will ensure implementation of Employee Digital Record data standards and associated application program interfaces (APIs) that demonstrate an initial capability toward Federal employees being able to transfer between agencies using paperless processing.

Goal Action Plan & Progress Update:

Improve the Hiring Process

Goal Leader: Kim Holden, Deputy Associate Director, Employee Services

Goal Statement: Strengthen the capabilities of Federal HR professionals by relaunching a delegated examining (DE) certification program that creates a level standard for all HR delegated examiners. By September 30, 2019, at least 43 percent of delegated examiners will complete the updated certification program.

Goal Action Plans & Progress Updates