Your take on the possibilities

As a federal employee doing the work, you might have a bold, promising idea for the future that your agency—or another agency—needs to hear.

Help the SBA see what you see. To shape their upcoming FY 2022–2026 Strategic Plan, the SBA wants to capture and consider ideas from colleagues like you across the federal government, especially if your work directly or indirectly supports small businesses and entrepreneurship.

SBA is seeking employee ideas on...

Interagency collaboration

Where do opportunities exist for greater collaboration between SBA and other federal agencies?

Increasing resilience

How can the SBA strengthen small business resilience to better withstand economic downturns or weather-related events or disasters?

Creating equity

How can the SBA advance equitable policies for supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs?

Improving efficiency

To improve efficiency, how might the SBA use technology in new ways?


The SBA recognizes the importance of stakeholder engagement, and our programs intersect with a wide range of other federal agencies—Treasury, Commerce, FEMA, and DOD, to name a few. We ask for your insights and perspectives to help the SBA craft strategies to advance our mission and better enable small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow and sustain healthy and vibrant businesses that anchor and enrich our nation’s economy.

SBA has partnered with GSA and OMB to crowdsource insights from federal employees whose work, either directly or indirectly, supports small businesses and entrepreneurship. Again, these insights will be shared with SBA program offices for consideration and inclusion in the FY 2022–2026 Strategic Plan.

The SBA will consider all comments, although not all comments may be integrated into the final plan. The Strategic Plan is a long-term planning document that guides the management of SBA’s programs from FY 2022-2026. Because SBA programs are authorized by Congress, potential changes to programs would need legislative action prior to implementation.

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