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Department of Transportation  transportation seal

Improve Conditions of America’s Transportation Related Infrastructure

Goal Leaders:

Placeholder headshot FAA: Kirk Shaffer, Associate Administrator for Airports
Photo of Winsome A. Lenfert FAA: Winsome A. Lenfert, Deputy Associate Administrator for Airports
Placeholder headshot FHWA: Nicole R. Nason, Administrator
Photo of Robert J. Tuccillo FTA: Robert J. Tuccillo, Associate Administrator for Budget and Policy

Goal Statement: DOT will maintain good conditions of airport runway surfaces, National Highway System bridges, and ride quality per Vehicle Mile Traveled on the National Highway System, as well as reverse the trend of the growing Transit State of Good Repair backlog through FY 2019. DOT will develop improved ways of tracking transportation infrastructure condition and, in the near term, focus on data available for roadway, runway, and transit infrastructure.

Goal Action Plans & Progress Updates