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Applications closed

The application period for the 2024-2025 fellowship year is now closed.

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Program Vision

To serve our Nation by cultivating enterprise leadership, at the center of government, to improve lives everywhere.

Sponsored by the Executive Office of the President, the program offers participants:

  • A broad federal perspective on high-priority challenges and access to senior decision-makers;
  • Skill development through a cross-agency lens; and
  • Enterprise leadership development sessions.

Learn about our Program Goals and Objectives

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Building Community


Build a strong community among current Fellows and alumni that shares a common mission of strengthening each other's purpose, commitment, and ability to serve our nation.


  • Create a space for community members to engage and create relationships through targeted development and learning sessions.
  • Strengthen the spirit of collaboration among senior government leaders through exposure to cross-cutting initiatives.
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Developing Talent


Build the next generation of leaders with an enterprise perspective and strengthen leadership capacities through leadership development sessions and a placement focused on the complex, cross-agency challenges that increasingly confront the Federal Government.


  • Expose Fellows to high-priority challenges to develop and hone a broad federal perspective to address complex problems.
  • Provide Fellows with access to senior decision-makers to learn about and implement best practice solutions.
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Delivering Results


Recruit top talent from across the government to support implementation of key goal priorities and address mission critical challenges that support our nation's ability to meet the needs of the American people.


  • Strengthen implementation efforts of cross-agency initiatives and goal priorities that require collaboration and coordination across the government.
  • Fortify long-term strategic planning work to drive tangible progress through the development of policy and performance management.