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Performance.gov is a window into the performance of the Federal Government. By law, Federal agencies will report information and rich data about the progress they’re making to achieve ambitious goals on behalf of the American people. Our mission is to make this information easy to find and understand, so that you can follow what your government is doing about the issues essential to your family, community, or business. Come back soon for more!


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We the People

Vivian Chen's photo

"I am proud to confront the issues of equity in our underserved communities. I believe we can all make a difference to improve the current ethnic and gender disparity in the federal government. It's when we achieve racial and gender equity will we have a diverse workforce to meet the needs of the communities we serve."

Vivian Chen
USDA Forest Service, Senior Director of the EMS
Tarita Bennett's photo

"Working as a public servant enables me to use my diplomacy skills to impact change in dealing with so many different people, priorities, and personalities."

Tarita Bennett
USAID, Bureau for Management, Communications Director
Sai Muddasani's photo

"I'm proud to be a public servant because I get to share the stories, histories, & cultures tied to some of the world’s greatest artistic achievements with the American people. I learn so much from my colleagues, and it’s my honor to amplify their scholarship & hard work through social media & communications."

Sai Muddasani
Social Media Specialist, Freer and Sackler Galleries, Smithsonian Institution
Gary Norman's photo

"Public service is truly a calling. As a blind person, I could not serve in the military, but I consider my federal career as my military service. I am gifted at bringing together diverse thought leaders and brokering visionary outcomes and deliverables."

Gary Norman
CMS, OEOCR, Attorney Advisor