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PMA Learning Agenda

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Help the Federal Government answer critical research questions

The Biden-Harris Management Agenda Vision sets out key priorities for an equitable, effective, and accountable Government that delivers results for all Americans. A management-focused learning agenda in support of the President’s Management Agenda (PMA) identifies key questions to answer to support the PMA vision.
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PMA Learning Agenda FY 2023 Year End Report

The year-end report details select studies related to the learning agenda. These were conducted in the federal space, as a part of a wider effort for researchers and policymakers to work together in implementing the President’s Management Agenda (PMA).
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The PMA Learning Agenda aims to:

  • Reinforce a focus on learning. A learning agenda is not about delivering a thumbs up or down on a program for compliance monitoring. It can spur research that identifies which approaches work, why, and for whom, so those lessons can be applied across contexts to improve outcomes.
  • Bridge silos. Many of the most pressing issues do not fit neatly within the boundaries of a single agency. This PMA Learning Agenda provides an opportunity to coordinate learning and evidence building across agencies.
  • Catalyze innovation beyond the Federal Government. Many researchers, practitioners, and State, Tribal, Territorial, and local leaders across the country are piloting and testing innovations and generating evidence to better serve their communities. Clearly communicating a PMA Learning Agenda with key management questions can catalyze coordinated innovation with research institutions, and within and across agencies in the Federal Government, and State, Tribal, Territorial, and local.

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Submit Research

This project is a collaboration between government and the public – if you have research to submit, questions, comments, or feedback, send an email to our team at PMALearningAgenda@omb.eop.gov

Learning Areas of Focus


How can the Federal Government strengthen and empower its workforce, so it can best serve the American people?

  • What approaches to recruitment and hiring result in high-performing, diverse teams in Federal agencies?
  • What strategies improve retention, engagement, inclusion, belonging, and wellbeing among Federal employees, while reducing burnout and attrition?
  • What approaches build a strong, empowered, and diverse cohort across the Federal Government employee lifecycle?

Service Delivery

How can the Federal Government deliver programs and services effectively and build trust?

  • How can Federal agencies reduce administrative burdens in programs and services—including complicated, confusing, and time-consuming processes people may encounter when trying to access those programs and services?
  • What approaches deliver an excellent customer experience with the Federal Government?
  • How can the Federal Government enhance the public’s trust?


How can the Federal Government advance equity and support underserved communities?

  • How can equity be advanced in the design, delivery, and evaluation of Federal services?
  • What organizational tools and management structures advance equity?
  • What larger organizational changes in agencies are needed to identify and address underlying barriers to advancing equity?