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Strategy 4


Build the personnel system and support required to sustain the Federal Government as a model employer able to effectively deliver on a broad range of agency missions.

Goal 4.1

As of April 2024

Transform the Office of Personnel Management’s organizational capacity and capability to better serve as the leader in Federal human capital management.

This goal reflects efforts underway to build the Office of Personnel Management's (OPM) organizational capacity and capability to better serve as the leader in federal human capital management and help agencies meet their missions. These efforts correlate closely with work underway through OPM’s Strategic Plan. OPM’s transformation is currently focused on developing a “North Star” that will guide its progress and creating a metric or metrics that will allow OPM to monitor progress over time. The transformation will encompass a number of initiatives in support of OPM’s strategic plan, including improving customer service delivery, strengthening its data capabilities, and upskilling employees.

Goal 4.2

As of April 2024

Build out tools to support government-wide and agency data-driven workforce decisions related to employee engagement, inclusion, and organizational performance.

This goal aims to improve the ability to make government-wide and agency-based data-driven decisions through enhanced data quality, services and tools. Several workstreams are underway to improve how agencies can access critical workforce data, including the development of dashboards focused on DEIA insights and the development of an HR Quality Services Management Office (HR QSMO), which connects agency customers to a marketplace for qualified human resources services.

Goal 4.3

As of April 2024

Build a modernized federal HR workforce able to provide credible, effective support to agencies.

This goal supports the development of the federal HR workforce in order to improve human resources performance and customer service across the government. To support the performance of federal agencies, agency leadership and the HR workforce need technical, consultative, and analytical skills to implement talent management strategies that improve mission outcomes. Building on OPM’s research data on the current state of the federal HR profession, there are opportunities for agencies with their Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCO) and Chief Learning Officers (CLO) to support HR workforce development across all career stages. This work includes efforts to look at the HR workforce from both an agency perspective to identify successful workforce management practices and an enterprise perspective to leverage shared resources and approaches.