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Strategy 2


Design, build, and manage government service delivery for key life experiences that cut across federal agencies.

Designated a Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goal

As of April 2024

Collectively, more than 10 agencies across government have formed interagency teams to improve the public’s experience during the following moments in people’s lives:

Based on their Discovery Sprint work with government’s customers, these teams have selected projects to improve service delivery in these designated Life Experiences and defined success measures to demonstrate improvement. Individual project summaries and measures of success can be found at /cx/projects. These Life Experiences were selected through an interagency review process following E.O. 14058, which directed the selection of Life Experiences within 90 days.

Learn more about the Life Experiences work.

Goal 2.1

As of April 2024

Establish an overarching management framework for cross-agency Life Experiences.

Goal 2.2

As of April 2024

Deliver meaningful progress on co-designed solutions and measurable improvements for designated Life Experiences.