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Strategy 3


Identify and prioritize the development of Federal shared products, services, and standards that enable simple, seamless, and secure customer experiences across the Federal Government.

As of August 2023

Design and develop digital experience standards, tools, and resources that empower agencies to deliver better federal websites and digital services to meet their statutory obligations.

Goal 3.1

As of August 2023

Provide tools and resources that help agencies implement and assess their compliance with the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA) to improve federal websites and digital services.

Goal 3.2

As of August 2023

Increase user adoption of Login.gov by developing capabilities for existing and potential high-volume customers.

Goal 3.3

As of August 2023

Increase agency adoption of FedRAMP-authorized Cloud products and services.

Goal 3.4

As of August 2023

Build additional supports that address the government’s shared customer experience-related technology challenges.