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OMB Circular A-11 Section 280 requires High Impact Service Providers to collect post-transaction feedback from customers to better understand the factors that drive satisfaction with services and trust in our organizations to serve the American public. Below is an aggregate score of how our services performed last quarter across 7 indicator measures of experience.

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Starting in FY2023, we instituted a data quality process to review all data submitted by the HISPs. Therefore, we are only displaying data from FY2023 onward. Data from FY2021 and FY 2022 are available in the listed datasets below.

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Service Providers - A list of High Impact Service Providers (HISPs). - .csv · .json
Services - A list of Services. Each HISP has one or more Services. - .csv · .json
Data Collections - HISPs are required to report their customer feedback for each service quarterly; this file includes one record for each quarterly report. - .csv · .json
Data Collection Report Details - This file includes one or more Report Detail records per Data Collection. - .csv · .json

Visit the Data Quality and Methods page for more on our quality review and analysis methods.

To learn more about our data and data collection, consult our data dictionaries.