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This page is intended to provide resources to support the development of CX strategies and activities across the government, as well as publicly available data on how high-impact services are serving Federal customers.

OMB Guidance: OMB Circular A-11, Section 280

Section 280 of OMB Circular A-11 provides guidance to Federal agencies on efforts to improve the Customer Experience of Federal programs. In particular, the guidance encourages more timely adoption of customer experience activities by designated High-Impact Service Providers.

OMB Circular A-11, Section 280

High-Impact Service Providers

High-Impact Service Providers are those Federal entities designated by OMB that provide the most high-impact customer-facing services, either due to a large customer base or a high impact on those served by the program. A HISP is one that interacts with the public to provide a transactional service or perform a regulatory function in which time, money, or information is used to receive a good, service, or authorization. Below is a list of HISPs that will be reviewed and updated periodically by OMB.

List of HISPs

Getting Started

Below resources to help your organization apply the recommendations and standards from Section 280 to improve customer experience and service delivery. The maturity assessment, action plan, and sample survey will help you assess the current state of CX at your agency, develop a plan to build standard questions into your feedback program, and take steps toward building more customer-centered services.

CX Metrics

Sample CX Survey Card

CX Self Assessment

CX Action Plan

CX Feedback Data Submission