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Meet 25 of the nation’s highest impact service providers

We’re working to transform the way government serves the public

CX CAP Goal and Resources

Despite some important strides to improve customer experience, many federal government services fail to meet the expectations of the public, creating unnecessary hassle and cost for citizens, businesses, and the government itself.

The Customer Experience Cross-Agency Priority Goal and OMB Circular A-11 Section 280 begin to raise the standard of service by first focusing on applying proven practices to High Impact Service Providers (HISPs). These 25 services across the Federal Government have been identified due to the scale and impact of their public-facing services.

HISP Highlights
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High Impact Service Providers (HISP) Profiles

High Impact Service Providers (HISP) Highlights


Patent & Trademark Office*
In FY18, issued 338,000 patents and 273,000 trademarks including the 10 millionth patent.

Small Business Administration
Provided more than $30 billion to small businesses, supporting 600,000 jobs.


Veterans Health Administration
Provides care to 9.17 million enrollees in the VA healthcare system.

Veterans Benefits Administration
Provides 5.2 million Veterans and survivors with compensation or pension benefits.


Farm Service Agency
Provided $39.9 billion in credit to family operations, supporting Americans in agriculture.

Natural Resources Conservation Service
Works with more than 500,000 farmers and ranchers to implement conservation practices that help land to be more productive and profitable.

Trust Beneficiary Call Center Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians
57 million acres of subsurface minerals estates are held in a trust by the United States for American Indians, Indian tribes, and Alaska Natives.

* This office contains two High Impact Service Providers


Federal Employment Services
More than 10 million job seekers have created an account on USAJobs.

Retirement Services
Provides timely services and benefits for over 2.6 million Federal retirees and survivors.

Internal Revenue Service
In FY17, processed 246 million federal tax returns and forms with a $2,862 average individual refund.

Office of Worker Compensation Programs
Supports 227,000 beneficiaries who became ill or injured on the job.

Occupational Health & Safety Administration
Conducted 32,020 inspections in 2018, working to make a difference in the lives of our nation's 130 million workers.

Recreation & Travel

Bureau of Consular Affairs
Issues more than 20 million passports annually, with over 137 million valid passports in circulation.

Transportation & Security Administration
Screens more than 2 million passengers on more than 25,000 flights each day.

Fish & Wildlife Services
Supported 54 million visitors across 556 National Wildlife Refuges in 2017.
Makes it easier for Americans to plan visits to more than 3,200 individual facilities with more than 90,000 campsites.


Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services*
Serves more than 60 million Medicare enrollees and improves access to healthcare with 10.6 million marketplace enrollments.


Federal Housing Administration
FHA has active insurance on over 8 million single family and almost 12,000 multifamily property mortgages.

Security & Immigration

Federal Emergency Management Agency
In 2017, supported 4.8 million calls, 2.3 million home inspections, and 5 million survivor registrations.

Customs & Border Protection
Safeguards 7,000 miles of land border with 328 ports of entry

Citizenship & Immigration Services
Adjudicates more than 26,000 requests for various immigration benefits daily.

Social Security

Social Security Administration
Provides over $1 trillion in benefits to approximately 64 million Americans.


Federal Student Aid
Provided $150 billion in financial aid to assist nearly 13 million students in furthering their education.