Strategy 2


Build capacity in Federal financial management, including through Federal financial assistance, to catalyze American industrial strategy, address climate-related risks, and deliver equitable results.

Designated a Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goal

Goal 2.1

As of May 2023

Strengthen and formalize the governance of areas of Federal financial assistance common across Federal agencies to advance the Federal Government’s ability and capacity to effectively and efficiently implement the President’s vision and statutory requirements through Federal programs.
OMB continues working with a group of representatives from PAL agencies and other key agency stakeholders to develop a governance framework for the Federal financial assistance community.

Goal 2.2

As of May 2023

Build a robust financial assistance community that identifies and strengthens the core competencies of grants managers.
Goal leads have been working to identify and strengthen the core competencies of the grants management workforce. In this release, updates include the release of a Grants 101 training for all financial assistance staff. In addition, using a cross-agency hiring practice, a job announcement for grants professionals was released and 44% of the individuals who made the certification list were hired by different agencies.