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The Biden-Harris Management Agenda Vision: a roadmap for our Government to deliver results for all Americans
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What is the PMA?

The President’s Management Agenda (PMA) defines Government-wide management priorities for all Federal agencies to improve how Government operates and performs. Each of the prior three Administrations released one or more PMAs. The PMA—grounded in a vision of an equitable, effective, and accountable Government that delivers results for all Americans, and informed by our shared values—will support progress and opportunities beyond the reach of any one Federal agency.

The work of the PMA will comprise sustained, multi-year, Government-wide efforts to advance each of the three PMA priorities and their supporting strategies. These priorities and strategies set the foundation for a necessary investment in our Government that will require engagement and collaboration from many inside and outside of Government. Through the PMA, cross-agency teams will further seek stakeholder input, define workstreams, set work plans and measures, advance collaborative efforts, and assess and measure progress across Government organizations.

Vision & Values

The Biden-Harris Management Agenda will focus on strategies to advance the vision—an equitable, effective, and accountable Government that delivers results for all Americans—in accordance with these values:

  • Equity
  • Dignity
  • Accountability
  • Results

One of the central questions of our time is whether American democracy can still deliver — can we come together to meet the most pressing needs of our people? . . . The President’s Management Agenda (PMA) is a blueprint for our Government to deliver for Americans the Government they deserve as we continue to build back better.

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