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Federal Real Property

The management of Federal real property is governed by the Federal Real Property Council, a statutory body enacted by the Federal Property Management Reform Act of 2016. The FRPC was created to:

  • develop guidance and ensure implementation of an efficient and effective real property management strategy; 
  • identify opportunities for the Federal Government to better manage property and assets of the Federal Government; and 
  • reduce the costs of managing property of the Federal Government, including operations, maintenance, and security associated with Federal property.
  • Real Property Metrics

    In accordance with the Federal Property Management Reform Act of 2016 and the Office of Management and Budget M-20-10, Issuance of an Addendum to the National Strategy for the Efficient Use of Real Property, the FRPC developed a set of real property metrics.

  • Real Property Scorecard

    The Federal Real Property Council, in an effort to provide a consolidated location for internal and external stakeholders an assessment of agency performance against a series of statutory, regulatory, and other policy requirements, has developed a real property management scorecard.