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Elimination of Unnecessary Agency Reports

Download the 2024 Budget List


Federal agencies must comply with thousands of statutorily-mandated reporting obligations each year. Too often, these requirements persist over time despite changes to the circumstances they were intended to address. Time, money, and energy is lost complying with outdated, redundant, and unnecessary requirements that could be better spent accomplishing high-value objectives. With enactment of the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) Modernization Act of 2010, Congress initiated an annual requirement that the Administration propose for elimination or modification congressionally-required plans and reports Federal agencies identify as outdated or duplicative.

List for the 2024 Budget Year

Consisting of 53 report modification proposals, the list released for the 2024 Budget reflect Federal agencies’ highest priority proposals that, if enacted by the Congress, would lead to the greatest reductions in administrative reporting burden.