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People of Public Service


Aliza Brown

"I'm proud to be a steward for American tax dollars and humbled to be a protector of federal funds. As a USPTO contracting officer, it's an asset to be both adaptable and resilient. I quickly adjust when customers’ needs and requirements grow and change."

USPTO, Contracting Officer


Cameron Keys

"My public service superpower is Mining the Archive. This superpower uses research tools to extract meaning from documents produced by and for an organization over many decades, locating useful insights that promote institutional learning, shape policy alternatives, and inspire historically-informed futures."

U.S. Army Research Laboratory, Financial Specialist


Dieynaba S. Diabate

"Being able to help taxpayers in need of assistance makes me very proud to be a public service member. It is uplifting, heartwarming, and touching knowing that at the end of each day I was able to aid people with their concerns."

IRS, W&I, Customer Service Representative


Jarah Meador

"I love my job because is a portal for equitable public participation in problem solving and innovation within the federal government."

Open Innovation Programs for and, Director


Kelly Reese

"Working as a public servant enables me to use my skills to affect change and support national security efforts thereby benefitting all Americans. Maintaining the right mindset helps me tackle problems both large and small to further our national security interests."

Department of the Air Force, Air Force Strategy, Program Analyst


Kristina Martorano

"I'm proud to be a public servant because I know what I do makes a difference in the lives of everyday Americans. Food was always important in my Italian American family & knowing that through my work at USDA, I can make sure families have access to food as I did, makes every day a rewarding work experience."

USDA, Farm Service Agency, Senior Program Analyst


Nicol J. Collins

"My public service superpower is optimism! I try to keep my team engaged and excited no matter the challenge. Together, we help our employees and our taxpayers become more aware of digital tools which assist us all, and for that I am very proud."

IRS, Online Service, Product Development Specialist (Product Outreach Coordinator)


R. Chase Sawyer

"My public service superpower is taking vast amounts of information and data to create products that are useful to the public, businesses, and policy makers."

Census Bureau, Social, Economic, and Housing Statistics Division, Survey Statistician


Shemika Wray

"I am proud to be a public servant because in doing my job I can make a small difference, which in turn leads to change in the lives of Veterans. I make sure to show up and be present every day because I care deeply about Veterans."

Department of Veterans Affairs, Strategic Acquisition Center, Contracting Specialist


Victoria Masih

"Public service is an opportunity to give something back to the community and the nation for the things they've given to me. In my role at HUD, I always set aside my biases and include everyone in the conversation, especially people who have a different viewpoint than me."

HUD, Office of Innovation, Ideation Facilitator