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Biden-Harris Administration Releases Plan to Strengthen our Nation’s Cyber Federal Workforce

August 02, 2023

By Performance.gov Team

Image of President Joe Biden touring a cybersecurity lab in North Carolina.

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This week marks a significant milestone in the nation’s cybersecurity efforts – the White House just unveiled its National Cyber Workforce and Education Strategy. This comprehensive plan is designed to strengthen our nation’s cyber workforce, bridge the gaps in cyber education, and equip the Federal workforce to handle emerging challenges. Pillar 4 of the nationwide strategy focuses on enhancing the cyber workforce within the federal government, which aligns well with the work of the PMA Priority 1, Strengthening the Federal Workforce.

As the scale and complexity of the nation’s digital infrastructure increases, the demand for skilled cyber workers is rapidly growing. A whole of government effort is crucial to ensuring that our workforce can keep pace with the evolving landscape. Traditional approaches to building our cyber workforce must evolve with the rapid pace of technological advancements and increasingly digital-first service delivery.

By focusing our attention on the key skills needed to deliver on mission and building an approach from there, the strategy ensures that cyber professionals are equipped with the right tools to face the challenges of today.

Specifically, the strategy sets forth a roadmap for strengthening the cyber workforce, by:

  • Driving sustained progress through greater federal collaboration, so we can ensure that government is coordinated, unified, and meeting shared goals;
  • Attracting and hiring qualified and diverse cyber talent, so we can draw on all Americans’ skills;
  • Improving career pathways in federal cybersecurity, so cyber professionals can grow their careers and unlock new ways to serve; and
  • Investing in human resources capabilities and personnel, so federal agencies are able to respond to changing talent needs nimbly and effectively

The responsibility for building a resilient federal cyber workforce extends beyond the government. Stakeholders from academia in addition to both the public and private sectors also have crucial roles to play. To achieve the necessary scale of impact, participation through local, regional, and functional collaborations is essential. The strategy calls on every group involved in cyber workforce development to join in its implementation, regardless of industry or sector.

The release of the National Cyber Workforce and Education Strategy is a significant step towards enhancing our nation’s cybersecurity capabilities. The Federal Government’s dedication to protecting its workforce, infrastructure, and the nation as a whole demonstrates a forward-thinking stance in countering cyber threats. By fostering collaboration, strengthening the federal cyber workforce, and embracing a skills-based approach to cyber education, we are actively taking measures to protect our digital infrastructure and respond effectively to emerging challenges. Read the full strategy on Whitehouse.gov.

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