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#FederalAPGs: Government’s Impact, From A to Z

October 31, 2023

By Performance.gov Team

FederalAPGs banner with stars and the GovDelivers hashtag.

The Federal Government impacts our daily lives, from ensuring the safety of our meals to maintaining the safety of our roads, and driving innovation through research. This fall, Performance.gov took to Twitter and LinkedIn to show just how universal the impact of the Federal Government is by getting back to the basics… the ABCs!

What are Agency Priority Goals?

Agency Priority Goals (APGs) are near-term achievements in an agency’s strategic plan that improve outcomes, customer experience, or efficiency. These goals serve as stepping stones towards long-term objectives outlined in the agency’s strategic plan. Federal law requires government agencies to provide regular updates on their journey towards achieving their goals. These updates are released to the public on Performance.gov every quarter, promoting transparency and results-driven governance.

The #FederalAPGs: A to Z

Using visual graphics mirroring grade school alphabet books, the #FederalAPGs campaign showcased the alphabet from A to Z to highlight the FY 2022-23 Agency Priority Goals on social media.

Check out the full alphabet of #FederalAPGs below, and learn more about each of the agency priority goals.

Full List of Spotlighted APGs

Below is the comprehensive list of APGs highlighted in the campaign:

Visit Performance.gov to search through more federal agencies’ two-year priority goals and four-year strategic objectives. Find a specific strategic priority such as climate change or cybersecurity using the Strategic Goal Dashboard, where you can easily sort APGs and strategic objectives by agency, focus area, and more.

Learn More

Government is as universal as the alphabet itself, and plays an essential role in shaping our world. The #FederalAPGs campaign serves as a reminder of the government’s everyday impact and shows how we all have a stake in our government’s performance. Interested in APGs and looking for more ways to become an informed and engaged citizen? Performance.gov has many resources available:

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