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Meet Our PMA Priority Area Leads

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The Office of Management and Budget recently announced the Priority Area Leads of the Biden-Harris Management Agenda. In case you missed this recent release or want to know more, we have you covered. Get ready to meet our nine leaders who will help move the PMA priorities forward.

As a reminder, the President’s Management Agenda is the Administration’s roadmap for ensuring an equitable, effective, and accountable Federal Government that delivers results for all. The Biden-Harris Management Agenda Vision lays out three critical priorities that will help us address our Government’s most pressing challenges.

The Priority Area Leads are senior leaders from Federal Agencies across the Government, and each brings unique tools, perspectives, and expertise to the work. Each lead will oversee the work of one of the three PMA Priorities. Ready to meet these leaders? Learn what each is excited about as they begin their journey of leading their priority area.

Priority One: Strengthen and Empower the Federal Workforce

The strength of any organization rests on its people. Priority One Leads will focus on those who keep our Government running: the Federal workforce.

Kiran Ahuja, Director of the Office of Personnel Management

Social card of Kiran Ahuja with text: I'm proud to serve as a co-lead for the PMA Workforce Priority. We have an incredible opportunity before us to embrace the future of work and, in doing so, position the federal government as a model employer.

Dr. Kathleen Hicks, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Defense

Social card of Dr. Kathleen Hicks with text: Providing the best service to American communities means ensuring our workforce is empowered, we can compete with industry for top talent, and our leaders are accountable for achieving results.

Julie Su, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Labor

Social card of Julie Su with text: Getting talent that reflects the full diversity of our country into federal government jobs is how we ensure a government that best delivers for all of our communities.

Priority Two: Deliver Excellent, Equitable, and Secure Federal Services and Customer Experience

Every interaction between the Government and the public is an opportunity to deliver the value and competency Americans expect and deserve. Our Priority Two Leads will focus on improving customer experience across government.

Dr. Jewel Bronaugh, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Agriculture

Social card of Dr. Jewel Bronaugh with text: I am honored to serve alongside my colleagues and work diligently toward implementing the Biden-Harris Management Agenda Vision by ensuring we are delivering excellent, equitable, and secure Federal services.

Robin Carnahan, Administrator of the General Services Administration

Social card of Robin Carnahan with text: It's an honor to lead the PMA Customer Experience Priority. Let's deliver what people want and need from government.

Donald Remy, Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Social card of Donald Remy with text: I am honored to lead the PMA Customer Experience Priority alongside my esteemed colleagues.

Priority Three: Manage the Business of Government to Build Back Better

Priority Three Leads will focus on how the Federal Government—as an enterprise—influences and reshapes markets, supports key supply chains, drives progress on new technology and solution development, and provides key support into communities throughout the country. These leaders will leverage the business of government for the better.

Don Graves, Deputy Secretary of Commerce

Social card of Don Graves with text: Building Back Better means building back equitably. I'm honored that President Biden has asked me to lead the PMA Priority 3, and together, we will leverage federal systems to create prosperity, security, and opportunity -- for all Americans.

Andrea Palm, Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services

Social card of Andrea Palm with text: Fortifying the business of government will boost America's economy by strengthening our domestic manufacturing, supporting workers, and creating jobs. I look forward to working alongside my colleagues to deliver equitable results for communities across the nation.

John Tien, Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security

Social card of John Tien with text: Through Priority 3, we will strengthen our domestic manufacturing base and support American workers, while also creating new solutions to tackle climate change and advance equity.

We are excited to continue on our path to Building Back Better. Each Priority Area Lead will play a pivotal role in moving the PMA forward. Follow along as we continue to share updates about PMA efforts and our priority teams.

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