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Wrapping Up #GovPossible 2023: Honoring Public Servants in Style

May 15, 2023

By Performance.gov Team

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As the curtains draw to a close on the 2023 #GovPossible campaign, we want to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the agencies, organizations, leaders, and individuals who joined us in celebrating #GovPossible and Public Service Recognition Week. It was an incredible week filled with inspiration and appreciation for the outstanding work performed by public servants across various levels of government. Together, we have shown the true power of public service.

Let’s recap some highlights from this year’s campaign.

Throughout the campaign, the Performance.gov team and numerous others took to Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms to share their appreciation for the public servants who tirelessly serve the public.

Highlighting Appreciation

Robin Carnahan, the General Services Administration (GSA) Administrator, gave a heartfelt shout-out about GSA’s extraordinary work to make #GovPossible. Every single day, they work diligently to make smart investments in the billions, creating jobs, saving money, and building healthier communities. It’s inspiring to see such dedication and commitment to public service.

David M. Turk, the Deputy Secretary of Energy, highlighted the talented teams and individuals at the Department of Energy who are committed to providing affordable, accessible, and equitable energy options for all Americans. Their efforts are making a real difference in people’s lives, and it’s important to recognize their contributions.

Adrianne Todman, the Deputy Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), cheered on HUD employees during their Public Service Recognition Week HUD Health Walk in Washington, D.C. It’s fantastic to see public servants coming together to promote health and well-being while celebrating their commitment to public service.

AmeriCorps Chief Executive Officer Michael Smith expressed gratitude to public service members, AmeriCorps members, and AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers for their vital role in solving pressing challenges and expanding opportunities nationwide.

But it wasn’t just the leaders who made a difference during #GovPossible 2023. Agencies and organizations across government took the time to highlight their employees throughout the week, honoring their impact on their communities. It’s essential to shine a spotlight on the hardworking individuals who go above and beyond to serve the public every day.

The House Floor Care Division, part of the Architect of the Capitol, works diligently to maintain the cleanliness of the Capitol campus. They scrub floors, apply wax, and use eco-friendly products. They also assist with office moves for Members of Congress. The team shared interesting facts, like the transition from manual cleaning to using floor scrubbers. They take pride in their work and enjoy the peacefulness of the night shift. Can you believe they clean over 565,000 square feet of space? That’s the equivalent of almost 10 football fields.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) Director Sethuraman Panchanathan proudly showcased some of the talented individuals who embody the essence of #GovPossible. From dedicated scientists and researchers to innovative engineers and educators, the faces of NSF represent a collective commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and fostering groundbreaking discoveries.

The Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response shared an employee spotlight on Sara Duncan. Duncan is an interdisciplinary scientist at the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority. She ensures data quality in nonclinical medical research. She finds joy in her public service career, helping develop medical countermeasures for national health security. Duncan believes in using skills to serve others and make a positive impact, reflecting her passion for public service and community welfare.

CitizenScience.gov thanked practitioners in the federal government working to advance crowdsourcing and citizen science use and practice. Their dedication to promoting public participation is deeply appreciated. They play a vital role in making the vision of an engaged and empowered society a reality. Their efforts are instrumental in making #GovPossible.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) proudly spotlighted two exceptional individuals who have gone above and beyond. Bailey Roche and Malan Manwaring, interns at the Department of State and Virtual Student Federal Service, who are true rock stars in their respective roles. Bailey’s outstanding skills in managing content creation for VA initiatives, particularly benefits guides, guarantee that our esteemed veterans have access to crucial resources. Meanwhile, Malan’s expertise in utilizing analytics ensures that veterans can effortlessly discover the most relevant VA content. Their unwavering dedication to serving our veterans is truly commendable and deserving of recognition.

Local governments, like Bloomfield Township, Michigan, showed their love for their committed public servants on Facebook. Through heartfelt posts and engaging content, the local government showcased the remarkable individuals who contribute their unwavering efforts each day to cultivate a welcoming, secure, forward-thinking, and smoothly functioning community. By highlighting these exceptional township employees, the government not only expressed their gratitude but also shed light on the invaluable role they play in creating a vibrant and harmonious environment for all residents.

Performance.gov Spotlighted Some CX Champions

As part of #GovPossible, Performance.gov wrote about a few of the incredible Life Experience teams and their great work happening in government. Federal Government leaders worked with the President’s Management Council to choose important events in people’s lives that require help from multiple federal agencies and levels of government. These events became the basis for the five Life Experience projects. Through these collaborations, we can bring about meaningful change and make the impossible possible.

On behalf of Performance.gov, we express our sincerest appreciation to all the agencies, organizations, leaders, and individuals who celebrated the 2023 #GovPossible campaign with us. Your involvement has shone a light on the invaluable contributions of public servants, reminding us of the incredible potential within each and every one of us to make a positive difference.

As we eagerly await the next #GovPossible campaign, let us continue to champion public service, foster collaboration, and work towards building a more prosperous and equitable society. Together, we can make the impossible possible, one act of public service at a time. Thank you for being a part of the #GovPossible community, and until next year, stay inspired, stay dedicated, and keep believing in the power of public service!

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