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Apply to the CXO Fellows Program This Spring

May 17, 2023

By Performance.gov Team

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The CXO Fellows Program is accepting applications from May 1 to June 9. Please contact your agency for any agency guidelines.

It’s time to dust off winter and welcome sunnier days, because spring is here! Take the step towards an even brighter future this month by applying to the CXO Fellows Program.

What is the CXO Fellows Program?

The CXO Fellows Program is a virtual professional development program that engages the next generation of federal leaders in acquisition/procurement, financial management/budget, human capital, information technology, and data. Throughout the year-long program, CXO Fellows have the opportunity to grow professionally and build a diverse network of rising leaders from across the Federal Government!

The mission of the program is to:

  • Connect the rising leaders across government in the functions of federal acquisition/procurement, financial management/budget, human capital, information technology, and data.
  • Build relationships through cross-community collaboration and interactive discussions.
  • Invest in outstanding federal employees by broadening the scope of their knowledge and developing well-rounded leaders.

What can I expect as a CXO Fellow?

Fellows remain in their current positions and come together about three times a month as a cohort for virtual development sessions in leadership, cross-functional and inter-agency collaboration, and career development. Here are three things you can expect as a CXO Fellow:

  1. Professional development: During the year-long program, expect a unique set of educational seminars and events with exposure to leadership and cross-agency collaboration.
  2. Networking: The program encourages interaction and networking among the Fellows. Fellows are surrounded by 80 highly-motivated peers who want to learn new skills and take their careers to the next level. Connections made in this program have led to new jobs and even new career paths! Fellows often stay in touch far past the end of the program, which shows the power of learning and connecting with their networks.
  3. Career growth: In addition to new connections that can lead to career opportunities, the program offers new skill sets that enhance performance at your current job and provides development skills that can propel your career forward into new leadership roles.

Who can apply?

The CXO Fellows Program is open to mid-level federal employees (GS-9–GS-13) who have demonstrated leadership potential. To be considered, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be working within the acquisition/procurement, financial management/budget, human capital, information technology, or data functions.
  • Must be in the grades of GS-9–GS13.
  • Must be approved by the applicant’s agency supervisor.
  • Must be located within the United States of America. Applicants are no longer required to be stationed in the Washington, DC-area.

What impact has the program had on past participants?

Check out the following testimonials from program alumni.

For Elisha Owens, class of 2022, the CXO Fellows Program has been a rewarding experience.

“The program has helped me to build upon my leadership and networking skills, equipped me with valuable knowledge, and motivated me to take the next step in my career,” Owens said. “By stepping out of my comfort zone and applying what I’ve learned, I was able to achieve my desired career goal of becoming an IT project manager.”

Clayton Batko, class of 2021, was able to connect with other rising leaders across the federal government and learn from other federal executives on how to make the most of a government career.

“It gave me the extra push to actively schedule informational interviews and network with a wide range of people,” Batko said. “All of this has allowed me to increase my visibility in the workplace and capitalize on opportunities in my office. For anyone uncertain on if this is the right program for you, I can promise you that it is!”

Okay, I’m in! How do I apply?

Please visit the CXO Fellows Program page for application information. There is no cost to participate in the program! All that’s required is your time and commitment to grow.

Invest in yourself this spring and experience your career blossom by applying to the CXO Fellows Program today!

Follow the program on LinkedIn for all the latest updates.

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