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Launching a New Pilot: ‘Government-Wide Federal Employee Voice’ Pulse Surveys

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Launching a New Pilot: Government-Wide 'Federal Employee Voice' Pulse Surveys

This week, we are launching a pilot of the first-ever, government-wide pulse survey. Pulse surveys are a widely used tool for getting quick “pulse checks” that can help leaders hear directly from their employees. This week’s inaugural pulse survey will invite Federal employees to share their thoughts via 3-4 questions and help inform the Administration’s actions on how best to support the Federal workforce.

This pilot is a collaborative effort of the President’s Management Council, together with the Office of Management and Budget, the Office of Personnel Management, and the General Services Administration. We will be piloting this survey by sending emails to the approximately two million civilian employees of the 24 CFO Act agencies.

Each survey is a short pulse check and contains 3-4 embedded questions that cover three topics: employee engagement, inclusion, and the reentry process. The email links to the survey questions, which should take only a few minutes to complete.

During this pilot, we plan to send three pulse surveys approximately every two months. The timing of the pulses will allow time to analyze the aggregated data, evaluate government-wide trends, and then adapt future pulse surveys.

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We will also pilot how best to summarize and share the insights from the pulses with agency leadership and employees. Please check back at Performance.gov to learn more as we continue this pilot.