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Explore the January 2024 Agency Priority Goal Updates

January 25, 2024

By Performance.gov Team

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Agency Priority Goals (APGs) are an agency’s near-term, implementation-focused priorities that the heads of each major Federal agency set every two years. Today, the Office of Management and Budget published the final FY 2022-23 Q4 updates on Performance.gov.

APGs serve as strategic stepping stones toward the achievement of broader, long-term objectives in an agency’s strategic plan. This approach provides agencies with a tool to manage towards and report against tangible, measurable milestones.

Today’s updates mark the final reporting from the FY 2022-23 performance period, which ended on September 30, 2023. These updates inform the public about the progress being made in major Federal agencies and highlight significant milestones or barriers along the way. From game-changing investments in child care (Health and Human Services) to an increase in Electronic Vehicle (EV) charging ports (Department of Transportation and Department of Energy), the results of these APGs will continue to be implemented in the everyday lives of the American public. Read on for more highlights from today’s updates.

USDA’s CX Framework Proves Successful for its High Impact Service Providers (HISPs)

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) met its APG to enhance customer experience (CX) and improve trust through listening to its customers and “implementing humanistic solutions to reduce barriers and burdens of access.” The accomplishment of the APG is part of an ongoing, continuous process. To date, the USDA designed, developed, and launched more than 10 customer surveys to measure trust and satisfaction, and simplified loan processes and the facilitation of online access to benefits. To broaden access to valuable resources for underserved producers and partner organizations, the USDA introduced the CARES Partner Portal (Create, Assist, Rebuild, Empower, and Strengthen).

ITA Exceeds its APG Target by 21%

The Department of Commerce (DOC) reported the achievement of its goal to strengthen the global competitiveness of American businesses. Over the two-year period, the International Trade Administration (ITA) sought to double the annual number of clients assisted. At 92,000 clients assisted, the overall APG target of 76,000 clients assisted as of September 30, 2023 was surpassed by 16,000 clients or 21 percent. Additionally, ITA assisted 10,120 clients in underserved communities, achieving 88 percent of its ambitious 11,500 target, and far exceeding the baseline value of over 6,400 clients assisted in 2022 - a performance improvement of 156 percent. By leveraging digital improvements, ITA successfully expanded its networks, programs, and services which attracted clients and enhanced the accuracy of client-assistance metric, as seen in these results.

DOT and DOE Charge Ahead of Schedule Towards 2030 EV Goal

The Department of Energy (DOE) and Department of Transportation (DOT) reported that all major milestones and goal targets for the Agency Priority Goal of deploying Electronic Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure were successfully met. As of September 30, 2023, the number of public EV charging ports reached 159,215, slightly below the target of 160,000 by December 31. However, this target was surpassed in early October. The accelerated growth in EV charging infrastructure places the United States ahead of schedule in realizing the Biden-Harris administration’s goal of reaching 500,000 EV charging ports by 2030.

Visit Performance.gov to search through more Federal agencies’ two-year priority goals and four-year strategic objectives. Find a specific strategic priority such as climate change or cybersecurity using the Strategic Goal Dashboard, where you can easily sort APGs and strategic objectives by agency, focus area, and more.

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Reporting of APGs plays a vital role in fostering transparency and accountability within government agencies. By embracing progress reporting, agencies can enhance their impact, deliver on strategic objectives, and ultimately serve the needs and livelihoods of the public they represent. Read more about APGs on our blog What Are APGs? Understanding Agency Priority Goals.

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