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CXO Fellowship Alumni Groups Help Current and Past Fellows Thrive

The CXO Fellowship Program is accepting applications for the 2021-2022 cohort from May 1 through June 11. The program is open to current federal employees anywhere in the U.S. in grades GS09-GS13–working in the D.C. area is no longer required! Visit the CXO Fellowship Program page to learn more and apply.

One of the main goals of the CXO Fellowship Program is to build a diverse network of rising leaders from across the Federal Government – and this work never stops! Before, during, and after the program, Fellows from the Social Security Administration (SSA) and beyond are taking advantage of the CXO network to build their skills, enhance their career trajectories, and expand their professional network. Today, we discuss one group of Fellows who took it upon themselves to form an unofficial alumni group where former and current SSA CXO Fellows come together to discuss the program, share experiences, and suggest ways to spread the word about the Fellowship.

The alumni group started informally, with a few CXO Fellows meeting over lunch to talk about their experiences. From there, all SSA CXO alumni were invited to join. The group met with SSA executive leadership to promote the program and mentored new CXO Fellows to help them understand what to expect from the program and how to get the most out of it.

While these CXO Fellows agreed how beneficial it was to connect with employees across the government, they also realized the value of connecting within their own agency. With SSA’s headquarters located in Baltimore, it was difficult for SSA Fellows to travel to stay in touch with CXO Fellows from other agencies. Through this alumni group, SSA Fellows were able to come together virtually and share ideas and experiences.

There are about 20 alumni in the group, from four areas represented in the Fellowship – finance, acquisitions, human capital, and information technology. Even though the group is small, members have enjoyed the opportunity to meet several new people from different offices across SSA that all shared the CXO Fellowship experience. Many SSA alumni have received promotions since their time in the program and felt that the Fellowship enhanced their growth as leaders and gave them the confidence to explore other opportunities.

The CXO Fellowship has been a great opportunity for all of those at SSA who participated. It not only benefits Fellows during their year in the program, but now it continues to help them network internally and beyond through the SSA alumni group.

Learn more on the website and download the digital brochure. Apply starting May 1!