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President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris walk together by the White House.

In November, the Biden Administration released the Biden-Harris Management Agenda Vision – an ambitious roadmap for ensuring an equitable, effective, and accountable Federal Government that delivers results for all. Earlier this month, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) announced the Priority Area Leads for each of the three priorities set out in this vision: strengthening our workforce, improving Federal service delivery and customer experience, and managing the business of government. The Priority Area Leads will spearhead teams who will be responsible for driving each PMA Priority forward.

Today, OMB is updating Performance.gov with information about the challenges and opportunities that inform the three PMA Priorities, as well as the goals and key success metrics developed by the Workforce and Customer Experience Priorities. OMB is also releasing the names of the team members from across Government — Strategy Leads — who will ensure that PMA Priorities and goals have the sustained attention they deserve and the focus and expertise of subject matter experts who drive day-to-day implementation.

The Priority Area Leads, Strategy Leads, and their corresponding teams will use success metrics to track progress toward the Biden-Harris PMA Priorities. For example, the Workforce Priority teams will use employee engagement data and employee feedback to assess whether their efforts have had a meaningful impact on real employees. The Customer Experience Priority teams will use measures of experience quality to identify gaps in service quality.

This will be an ongoing process—PMA leadership and teams will continue to build out action plans with specific milestones and metrics to ensure cross-Government efforts to implement the PMA are data-driven and transparent, refining the work along the way. And by sharing our goals, showing how we plan to get there, and being transparent about our results, we will continue building trust with the American public.

Read the latest PMA updates by visiting the PMA page.

Stay Informed

We invite you to follow along with us on Performance.gov, which will be updated quarterly with progress on agency and PMA priorities and strategies.

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