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New Data Visualizations Bring Transparency to the President's Management Agenda

February 01, 2023

By Performance.gov Team

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Today, the Office of Management and Budget released new data pages for each of the priority areas of the President’s Management Agenda (PMA) — Workforce, Customer Experience, and Managing the Business of Government. These pages reflect two core PMA values: accountability and results.

To this end, these pages feature data visualizations for some of the key metrics the administration is monitoring within each priority area. To help the public both understand how PMA teams are assessing performance, the pages include context on the questions we’re trying to answer and why this data matters to the lives of the American public.

For example: one goal of Priority 3, Managing the Business of Government, is focused on creating a diverse and resilient federal marketplace by using category management principles to increase stewardship over federal spending. The data visualization shows data on cost avoidance, or the extent to which a program is delivering increased value for goods and services they acquire by paying less, using less, or obtaining more for the same cost. Agencies can use this data to measure and compare their cost avoidance to the Federal Government targets, so decision makers can identify where to prioritize efforts for improvement.

Data visualizations include:

  • A comparison of customer experience quality between the government and different sectors such as retailers and health insurers (Priority 2 — Customer Experience)
  • Hiring manager satisfaction scores (Priority 1 — Workforce)
  • Number of federal hires in critical occupations such as acquisition and IT (Priority 1 — Workforce)

Below are further examples of data visualizations from each priority area:

Dot chart showing federal employee engagement index scores across different questions.

Priority 1 data visualization showing employee engagement index scores for FY 2022.

Line chart showing the ranking of customer experience quality by industry from 2020 to 2022.

Priority 2 data visualization showing a ranking of customer experience quality by industry from 2020 to 2022.

Graphic and bar chart titled: Cost Avoidance, all-time cumulative with in-year figures inset. The inset graphic reads: $72.4B, 103% of program total, target 70B. The bar chart -- with x-axis in years and y-axis in dollars -- reads: 2018 $22B, 2019 $33B, 2020 $46B, 2021 $60B, and 2022 $72B.

Priority 3 data visualization showing cost avoidance in dollars between 2018 and 2022.

To provide accountability and results, these new pages will be updated as data becomes available and we will use these pages to hold ourselves accountable for making, measuring, and communicating progress.

To view the new data visualizations, click on “Data” within any of the three PMA priority area pages.

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We invite you to follow along with us on Performance.gov

Updated quarterly with progress on agency and PMA priorities and strategies.