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Fed Fashion Week Lookbook: 2021 Collection Recap

And just like that, it’s a wrap for our 4th annual #FedFashionWeek campaign! From September 8 - 14, you joined us for some behind-the-scenes looks of the latest and greatest in government fashion. Thank you to all of the agencies who showcased the functional fed fashions that help public servants provide everyday services for the American people.

Originally shared on Twitter & LinkedIn, reminisce below on some highlights from the team & many others at this year’s catwalk. One thing is for sure, public service never goes out of style – check out the #FedFashionWeek hashtag to see why!

NASA (Styled by NASA & the team)

NASA’s customized graphic for #FedFashionWeek 2021 shows the Hubble Space Telescope and its outerwear that helps protect the telescope and its equipment.

U.S. Geological Survey (Styled by USGS & Scientist Caitlin Reynolds)

U.S. Geological Survey shares their own Fed Fashion Week graphic feat. USGS Scientist Caitlin Reynolds and her essentials when collecting sediment and small organisms from the deep sea.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (Styled by USPTO & the team)

U.S. PTO’s customized graphic for #FedFashionWeek 2021 shows different elements that make up a design patent like the date and drawing disclosure.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Styled by EPA & Dr. Brinkman)

The Environmental Protection Agency shares their own Fed Fashion Week graphic feat. Dr. Brinkman and her essentials to process SARS-CoV-2 samples using a centrifuge.

U.S. Government Publishing Office (Styled by USGPO & the team)

U.S. GPO’s customized graphic for #FedFashionWeek 2021 shows Sarah Hurtt dropping different colored paints into the marbling bath.

Some agencies put their own stylistic spin on their fed fashion looks like:

Department of Education Video (Styled by Dept. of Education)

U.S. Department of Education shares their Fed Fashion Week video feat. Secretary of Education, Dr. Miguel Cardona and his essentials for going back to school safely.

Interested in other collaborations with us? Want to participate in next year’s Fed Fashion Week? Connect with us at!