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Transportation Security Administration

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Department of Homeland Security


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) protects the nation's transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce. TSA's Domestic Aviation Operations is responsible for nearly 440 Federalized airports, screening more than 2 million passengers daily, and totaling over 815 million passengers annually. TSA’s Surface Operations secures a wide U.S. transportation network of roadways, railroad tracks, tunnels, ports, and pipelines.

Designated Services

Completing TSA passenger screening


TSA serves the traveling public, which is comprised of experienced business travelers, Trusted Travelers (i.e., Global Entry, TSA PreCheck® passengers), families, passengers with medical conditions or disabilities, individuals with limited English proficiency, airport and airline employees, and beyond. All passengers or individuals seeking access to the secured area of the airport must undergo TSA security screening at more than 440 airports across the country. The screening process involves the use of various technologies, such as Advanced Imaging Technology, Walk-Through Metal Detectors, Explosive Trace Detection, Digital Identification and Mobile Driver’s Licenses, and X-ray machines, to detect threats and prohibited items. On average, over 2 million passengers are screened daily, adding up to more than 750 million passengers annually.

Getting help from TSA


The TSA Contact Center and TSA Cares (a helpline designed to assist travelers with disabilities and medical conditions) both offer essential assistance to travelers. Travelers can contact TSA to inquire about permitted or prohibited items, get information on REAL ID, seek assistance through the screening checkpoint via TSA Cares, report security threats or suspicious activity, submit a complaint or compliment, file a claim, or learn more about TSA PreCheck®. The TSA Contact Center and TSA Cares are open 365 days a year and receive more than 2 million contacts annually via phone, email, and online forms and offer automated information in 12 languages. TSA's social media team is also available 365 days a year, and they receive 2.1 million contacts annually on platforms like X, Facebook, and Instagram.

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