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Employee Benefits Security Administration

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The Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) is responsible for ensuring the integrity of the private employee benefit plan system in the United States. EBSA's overall role is the education and enforcement of rules and regulations that apply to retirement investment plans and investment managers, health plans, life or disability insurance, and other welfare benefit plans. These plans provide medical, health, and hospitalization benefits or income in the event of sickness, accident, or death. EBSA’s oversight authority extends to nearly 765,000 retirement plans, 2.8 million health plans, and 619,000 other welfare benefit plans, such as plans providing life or disability insurance. These plans cover about 153 million workers and their dependents, with over $12.8 trillion in plan assets.

Designated Services

Using website resources to maximize retirement and health benefits


EBSA's website offers extensive guidance and information covering diverse life events such as changing jobs, marriage, childbirth, separation, death, and retirement preparation for individuals. The site also hosts information on specific benefits and programs affecting American families. Customer feedback suggests there is a need for materials, publications, and assistance in various formats and languages, emphasizing accessibility in both content and delivery. EBSA’s priority is inclusivity, aiming to reach all communities and enhance usability and understanding through new features. EBSA's overarching goal is to enhance the delivery of timely, impartial, and accurate information, ultimately contributing to improved health and retirement outcomes.

Using website resources to assist organizations with compliance


EBSA plays a crucial role in educating and assisting millions of workers, retirees, and families covered by employee benefit plans. Organizations employing people need to comply with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), which covers labor and tax aspects of employee benefit plans. EBSA's website serves as a comprehensive resource for administrators to learn about ERISA policies, regulations, guidance, and voluntary correction programs. Customers can connect with a Benefits Advisor for assistance with complex or specific matters to ensure compliance with ERISA provisions.

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