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Veterans Benefits Administration

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Department of Veterans Affairs


The Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) is responsible for administering the department's programs that provide financial and other forms of assistance to veterans, their dependents, and survivors. The major benefits programs include Veterans' compensation, Veterans' pension, survivors' benefits, rehabilitation and employment assistance, education assistance, home loan guaranties, and life insurance coverage. VBA serves over 5.5 million Veterans across 56 regional offices.

Designated Services

Accessing VBA education benefits


VA education benefits play a pivotal role in supporting Veterans, service members, and their eligible family members by addressing various needs, such as covering college tuition, aiding in school or training program selection, and offering career counseling. Individuals seeking assistance must identify their eligibility for one of the five available programs: Post-9/11; Montgomery GI Bill - Active Duty or Selective Reserve; Reserve Educational Assistance Program; Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance; and the Veterans Educational Assistance Program. These benefits serve as more than just a financial aid source: they act as a tool for recruitment and retention, bridging opportunities missed due to military service and aiding in the transition to civilian life.

Using the VBA decision review process


When disagreements arise regarding claims decisions, Veterans or their beneficiaries have the option to request a decision review. VBA's Higher-Level Review and Supplemental Claim procedures are essential for those in disagreement with VA decisions as the process offers an avenue for Veterans and beneficiaries to seek a full, partial, or further development of their claim. While Veterans can electronically file for a Higher-Level Review, submitting a Supplemental claim requires a paper form.

Accessing disability compensation benefits


The Disability Compensation program provides tax-free monthly benefits to Veterans in recognition of the effects of disabilities caused by diseases, events, or injuries incurred or aggravated during active military service. The program also provides monthly payments to surviving spouses, dependent children, and dependent parents in recognition of the economic loss caused by the death of individuals during their military service or as a result of service-connected disability after their discharge.

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