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The Performance Improvement Council (PIC) is the heartbeat of government performance management.


The Performance Community

The Federal performance community consists of anyone who is applying performance improvement principles and practices to federal program management and service delivery. The community includes performance professionals, individuals who help manage their organization performance management and improvement programs, are critical and vocal members of the community, whether they work at the headquarters level, component agency level, program level or in the field. Program managers and program staff are also vital contributes in government performance as they deliver on the mission for their respective agencies.

Performance professionals make up the nucleus of the Council’s interaction with the performance community. They are the catalyst within their respective organizations for creating a performance management infrastructure that drives improvements, lasting change. They are responsible for producing their organization’s strategic plans, priority goals, strategic objectives, and the other elements that make up their performance management framework. They also often facilitate data driven performance discussions and lead targeted performance improvement initiatives.

Join Us

If you are a federal employee and you’d like join our performance community please contact picstaff@gsa.gov. We can add you to our PERFORMANCE listserv, a federal listserv for discussion around performance measurement, improvement, and management practices​; policy​;​ and related issues.

Executive Councils

Executive Councils provide dedicated support to Federal interagency management councils, increasing their effectiveness in solving challenges across agencies. The Office works with agencies across government to identify proven practices, spur innovation and improve outcomes. The Performance Improvement Council is one of several Executive Councils that comprise the Office. Other Councils are: