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Bureau of Trust Funds Administration

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Department of the Interior


The Bureau of Trust Funds Administration (BTFA) manages more than $8.6 billion in monetary assets held in trust by the Department of the Interior and delivers trust funds accounting and management services to Indian trust beneficiaries. BTFA’s trust responsibilities include managing funds for approximately 4,100 Tribal accounts and more than 408,000 individual accounts. BTFA also maintains the official archive of American Indian Records and is responsible for safeguarding millions of original, historic documents that detail the Federal government’s treaty obligations to Native Americans.

Designated Services

Managing Individual Indian Monies (IIM) accounts


An Individual Indian Monies (IIM) account is an interest-bearing account established by BTFA and managed on behalf of an individual with monetary assets generated from assets held in trust by the Federal government. Ownership of an IIM account is important to an Indian trust beneficiary, especially if they receive trust fund revenue from land and/or resources managed in trust by the federal government. Accurate and timely account management services are critically important, especially when a beneficiary relies on trust income.

Accessing beneficiary services


Individual Indian Monies (IIM) account holders have access to a suite of beneficiary services, which can currently be accessed in-person at field offices, by calling the local field office, and/or by calling the Trust Beneficiary Call Center. Across currently available channels, BTFA responds to an average of 200,000 requests annually from beneficiaries asking for information about their assets held in trust, making updates to their account information, requesting account disbursement(s), and other trust management needs. BTFA is in the process of providing an online access option to make it easier for both IIM and Tribal beneficiaries to access Beneficiary Services.

Action Plans